About Us

Central Illinois Plan Room provides the construction industry of Central Illinois an exciting new avenue to locate projects that are bidding across your area. Sign Up today, and let us help you bid more projects.

Features & Benefits:

- Online viewing of projects that are bidding in your area in .pdf format
- Project scopes and other details of the projects
- Bid dates & times
- A project calendar that is easy to read and understand
- Free Downloads
- A physical plan room to view plans and specs
- Trial versions of PlanSwift take-off software

Coverage Area:

A 40+ county area that stretches from Vermillion County (Danville) in the east to Adams County (Quincy) in the west, and from I-80 to the north to about I-70 in the south. These, 40+ counties, are our “target” area, and members are not limited to projects of this area. If the need is for a project outside of the “target” area, let us know and we will make all efforts to obtain this project for you.

Membership Fee:

The monthly membership fee is only $75.00 per month placing it far below the fees of comparable plan rooms. One monthly fee covers multiple logins within your company and multiple locations of your company.

Membership Agreement:

Company memberships are automatically renewed each month unless a 30 day advance written cancellation notice is received.

Central Illinois Plan Room is consistently looking to increase our coverage area, while making every effort to bring you advances in Online Plan Room technology and Project Leads across Central Illinois. Please feel free to contact us with any comments, questions or concerns.


1620 S. 5th Street Springfield, Illinois 62703 – 217-679-1077 – plans@ciplanroom.com www.ciplanroom.com